Overskrift 1

Bare en hund" er der mennesker der siger.

Er det "bare", at et andet liv har sluttet sig til mit.

At en hale klapper i gulvet af glæde ved at høre min stemme.

At en snude fortroligt stikker sig ind i min hånd.

At to øjne røber mig verdener af tillid og hengivenhed.

Kaj Munk.


The Creation Of The Collie

He made the regal collie so beautiful, proud and bold

the dazzling noble sable, with coat of shimmering gold.

His arms extended towards the blazing sun

there stod the sable collie,the lovely golden one.

He turned his head so slightly towards the clear blue sky

and made the blue merle, so pleasing to the eye,

Tan and white were added to his colouring blue

and there he had created a dog of love ly blue.

When night at last began to fall,

he made the darkest of them all.

He made the combinding black

with tan and white the tri colour of sheer delight.

There stod those three great collies beneath the setting sun

the blue merle, tri colour and the lovley golden sable one.

Gifted with movement so graceful and so smooth

three truly noble collies, to them our hearts we loose.


Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole.


My dog listens when I talk

He goes with me for a walk

When I sleep, he sleeps too

he does evertyhing that I do.

When my sister/brother/friend makes me sad

he hangs his head and looks so sad,

he cuddles up and licks my hand,

and tells me that he can understand.



As he stands on the hill-top edged against the blue,

he´s the picture of beauty, a sight to behold,

a beautiful collie of white and true gold.

His coat is so long, silky and thick

Out of all the others, the collie I´d pick.

For loyalty devotion, for beauty and love

no dog is his equal on earth or above.